Friday, 17 July 2009

Good Use of Resources

As I surveyed a car with a smashed in window in a car park in King's Langley yesterday, I was heartened to see the Police once again focusing their resources on the real perpetrators of crime.

Sadly, for the owner of the car in King's Langley, the Police did not want to know. Meanwhile, the two day trial of Chris Tarrant's former wife, Ingrid has seen her brought to justice. Forget the rape and killings on the streets (we are led to believe killings are at their lowest for a while but it doesn't feel like it), forget knife and gun crime, forget terrorists and peers who kill in the fast lane of motorways while texting, yesterday a real criminal was brought to book in the grim streets of Cobham in Surrey.

Cobham, Britain's Worst Crime Hot Spot

Cobham is surely one of the country's worst no-go areas where crime is so rampant that even the criminals go round in pairs, while Chelsea footballers preen themselves on their local training ground. Life is tough in Cobham and it's why the streets are now full of tough, well-trained policemen who wear the type of body armour that a Marine in Afghanistan would literally die for. Last Christmas, the police moved in on one of Surrey's most hardened criminals - Ingrid Tarrant.

Reign of Terror

After a blatant spree of shopping, Tarrant, returned to her vehicle which was illegally parked at a bus stop. She ignored the battle-hardened police PC who attempted to apprehend her for causing an unnecessary obstruction. She drove off and was chased by two further officers while the Surrey Police helicopter could not get there in time as the officers flying it were buzzing local houses looking for people putting the wrong things in bins. The officers managed to catch up with Tarrant and tackled the dangerous criminal, managing to over power her and pin her to the ground before handcuffing her.

Armed and Dangerous

She was taken to a nearby police station for rigorous questioning but did not break under pressure and reveal the source of her fuel or what was in her shopping bags. Perhaps we will never know. She was found to be armed with a loaded wallet which had clearly been recently fired.

She was yesterday finally brought to book and charged £1,200 after defiantly pleading not guilty. The total operation was funded by extra parking tickets and speeding fines for the street-hardened criminals of Cobham. The town folk will sleep a little easier now another criminal is dealt a vicious blow in the name of Justice.

Surrey Police - we salute you.

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