Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Boilers Galore

Boiler scrappage scheme announced - no mother-in-law jokes, if you please. This is a politically correct blog.

I had to read the detail again and then realised that Gordon and his brother must have had a boiler breakdown in the last year at their flat and so need to have the old one replaced. Hey presto, we get a super new scrappage scheme that knocks £400 off the cost of a new boiler. Rush out and place your orders, folks.

I guess it will mean plenty more imports as with the cars, but as a household with a thundering great of hulk from Potterton that pumps out plenty of poisonous smelling vapour, I can wholeheartedly applaud this cosmetically green initiative. My garden isn't quite large enough for a wind turbine and we are in a Conservation Area and we so can't put up solar panels even if we wanted, but a new boiler will come in handy.

The last quote I had was close on £2,000 fully fitted - a pound bet says the next quote will be £2,400 for the same unit. Ah, cynics - unite!

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