Monday, 23 May 2011

Bad Judgement Day

Ever had a real hunch about something? You know the sort of hunch where you not only felt something was going to happen but all the tell-tale warning signs were there?

Well that's how Evangelist Harold Camping felt. He not only had a hunch that it would be Judgement day on Saturday when at precisely 1800 various volcanos around the world would simultaneously erupt and non-believers would be incinerated or similar but he also asserted that the bible gave us the warnings too.

So convinced of this was he that many of his followers spent a great deal of money on adverts to forewarn us all, mostly paid to his own radio station, I believe.

Imagine the surprise of the believers when 1800 came and went and there wasn't so much as a simultaneous fart around the world. Now, perhaps understandably, many believers of his are miffed or confused. Maybe his watch had stopped and he got the wrong time? Maybe he used an out of date calendar and the day was wrong? Anyway, suffice to say Jesus did not come again and many non-believers continue to thrive in their ignorant way.

When I was a kid and my parents lived a while in Canada and Alaska, we got bombarded with the lucrative Evangelist TV Channels with their toothy and booby preachers charismatically tricking $thousands out of people's pockets. It was both funny yet disturbing. You feed people what they want to know and they will pay you handsomely for it.

I suppose that Harold Camping's problem was that at 89 he was probably at the tail end of his scam. At that ripe old age there probably wasn't much point in keeping the whole thing going and so he could have a reason to retire which is why he preached a definitive end to his preachings and the world, perhaps. In any event, now that the date has past and there is little point in believing any further, there is always the Scientologists or Adventists to give the last of their money to.

Still, he did map out a timescale that went onto 21 October for the destruction of non-believers so there is still time yet.

Curiously, Harold Camping was unavailable for comment.

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