Monday, 16 May 2011

IMF**k Up

The news that IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly cannot keep his genitals to himself will come as little surprise to Tristane Banon who had claimed similarly before. But it may come as some relief to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who was to have met the old 'Hot Rabbit' over the weekend. At least she can take the padlocks off her bedroom door now. Ms Banon was 22 at the time of her alleged assault and only agreed not to bring charges at the time because her mother was a local politician and asked her not to.

France and the world markets are in shock, it seems. His wife has vowed to stand by him. All this seems weird enough.

But what gets me is that the man in charge of saving countries financially is bombing around the world on First Class flights and staying $3,000 a night rooms at top hotels. This 'suite' he had in New York had a conference room, a marble bathroom and a king-sized bed.

More than anyone, he should be aware of the need to stop spending vast amounts of money on things not needed. But, hey, it's the world of High Finance - mere mortals like us do not understand that in order to do that kind of job you need a vast expense account and access to the top lawyers when you make alleged misdemeanours.

That's why we are down here and they are up there, no doubt.

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