Thursday, 17 November 2011

Accounting for Start Ups

You have a great idea. You are brimming with enthusiasm. You can't wait to tell people. You can't wait to book your first order. 

If there is anything that is going to dampen your vim then it's going to be thinking about accounting packages - particularly if you are a sales or marketing person. Double entry, counter-intuitive fiddly back room sort of stuff presented through complicated software designed to absorb as much of your time as possible. Of course, you could always outsource it to some nice accounting type who will baffle you with enough science to make sure you think you have no idea how to go about it yourself - and pay the fat fees too.

Relax. Accounting for start ups is now not just easy, it's actually interesting and even exciting. SageOne is one of a new breed of cashbook based accounting software that actually works exactly as we all account for our cash. We watch what goes in and out of our pockets and accounts - and that's exactly how SageOne works.

You simply set up your payment options, by account, cash or credit card and just enter the amount each time you spend. It takes care of VAT and you can also create invoices. With a neat set of cost centres you don't have to endlessly breakdown spends as they are logically grouped together. The last thing you need is paralysis through analysis as a start up. You want to be nimble.

You also want to focus as much of your time, money and effort into selling what you have as much as possible. You don't want to be worrying about the back end stuff. That should be easy and SageOne makes it that way.

And SageOne is a Cloud based application which means there is no installation required, no dedicated PC or server, no worries about backing up data and it's available to be used on any device which has a browser and internet access - PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone, you name it. It makes the starting up entrepreneur truly mobile.

Even better, it's not a drain on your costs. Starting at £5 per user per month for simple cashbook accounting or £10 per user per month for full accounting, it's not that hard on the pocket either. Better still, it's back by excellent local support people at the heart of one of the last independent UK software companies that is publicly quoted. To add to that, it has over 14,000 accounting practices who are part of its Sage Accounting Club so there are plenty who understand the product out there.

If the package has a particular sweetspot then I would say it's absolutely ideal for those starting up as consultants, freelancers or contractors although it scales for small businesses of all sorts.

SageOne is part of a larger family of products and services focused on helping businesses grow efficiently and it's ideal for start ups.

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