Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Apprentice's Sorcery

What is it about The Apprentice that captures people's imagination? And then makes them say stupid things?

A case in point was when one of my 'Internet Buddies', as Uncle Bryn would call them, last night Tweeted the immortal line, 'Dog Food - interesting challenge. Who is the target market? Humans or dogs?'

Well at least we can rule out cats. I am no classically trained marketeer but I draw on my own experience here and say I have yet to see a dog carry a basket around my local Budgens, make an informed choice on its brand of dog food and then proceed to the checkout. Maybe I go there at the wrong times but I'm just telling you as I see it.

However, I have seen pooches in my local Pets at Home superstore but most of those are attempting to sniff the butts of other dogs or are weeing on the bags of straw for rodents. And I can also say that one of my Border Collies actually did try to sniff the backside of Garfield on the TV once so maybe dogs do pay attention to the TV and adverts for Dentasticks are not wasted.
Maybe I am being too literal after all. But as one Tweeter put it last night, 'Do you have to be a twat to be on The Apprentice or can anyone apply?'

Maybe you don't have to be one to watch it but it might help understand the nuances. I can safely say that I don't get it.

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