Friday, 3 June 2011

Oh Twitter - How Cool Was That?

Just when I thought Twitter was going to disappoint me, it has made my life worth living again.
Yesterday, the power of Twitter embraced me and I had a brief, but rewarding, conversation with none other than Tom Peters. Yes, THE Tom Peters - the 'Thriving on Chaos' etc. Tom Peters.

How did it come about, I hear you all ask as one? Well Tom, as he likes me to call him, tweeted something about enthusiastic staff making him busy. Then he clarified that tweet by how he was going to do 'Operationalizing'. Being the wag I am, I asked Tom if that was a real word and he replied that he had no idea but had been using it for 40 years. Further, when I suggested I would use it from now on he said that he would take no responsibilities for my actions and not send me cookies when I was in bad-grammar jail.

Fantastic repartee.

Ah my point here is that you can threaten Wayne Rooney, call Piers Morgan a self-publicising fart or have a banter with the great Tom Peters. In short bites, Twitter makes people who you thought were inaccessible, accessible.

The key is original thought - keep that in mind and cut out the irrelevance and maybe Twitter will really become a good place to be.

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