Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fact or Fiction - Microsoft to Buy Nokia's Phone Business?

Don't take it from me - I got this from Business Insider.

Speculation has grown since a little-known Russian Tweeter rumoured that Microsoft may buy Nokia's phone business for $19 billion. Sounds cheap for the world's largest shipper of mobile phones compared to the valuations on companies with little or no revenues in the social media sector but such is the vagaries of these speculations.

And speculation is all it is at this stage. But the rumour is gaining momentum as this chap was the first to report that Nokia and Microsoft had any kind of tie up. Many are now speculating as to why such a move may make sense.

But it would be a tragic end for the one-time Finnish welly maker. Come on boys, don't do go to the 'Dark Side'. The 'Force' is still strong.

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