Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Eavesy on the Eye

Balancing the disappointing news this morning that I had not won the Euromillions lottery as expected was the fact that finally the DUNNY share price at Empire Avenue has broken through the 30 Eave barrier.

It's a vindication of the CEO's strategy and the fact that two people purchased 600 shares each last night after tight negotiations and reciprocal deals. The 30 Eave barrier had been a physical barrier which now the share has broken through analysts say that there is no reason why it cannot go further quickly. Equally, it could go down just as fast.

But the advantage of DUNNY is this. It is not subject to the vagaries of the overall market, it is not dependent on commodity prices like gold or oil and it is not even subject to battering by debt concerns or economic crisis. This is a true share of the virtual world where only my constant twittering, blogging and other things I have no idea about can affect how it performs. And has long as I have air in my lungs, I will be full of hot air to spout - or whatever analogy applies for writing.

To the shareholders who have made this possible - keep the faith, there is more to come. And to those who haven't bought the share - wipe the tears from your eyes and get your cheque books out as there is more in this sucker yet.

Buy DUNNY - you know it makes sense.

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