Thursday, 22 September 2011

More HP Sauce

Hot on the heels of my blog on HP's disastrous policy of uncontrolled briefings on their future by mid level staff, it appears their bizarre policy is paying off.

Overnight, there were unconfirmed reports that the CEO, Leo Apotheker, is to be given the boot. Such utterings without informing the Stock Exchange are becoming the norm. This one has slightly more credence than an employee's coffee machine snippet as it also mentions the name of the would-be replacement, Meg Whitman, ex CEO of eBay.

HP have achieved their aim, if they had one in any of this. Their share price leapt 11% on the back of the rumour. If this were Simon Cowell's X Factor, the audience has voted and it's time for Leo to be shuffle off.

Oh, someone had better let the Board and the shareholders know.

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