Thursday, 8 October 2009

Guaranteed to give you 20% return on £100,000 inside one week - Tax Free

I have your interest.

Of course, I would judge the timing of the investment but you could pledge to buy shares in my scheme and then I would call on the money at my time of choosing. Exactly one week from the point at which the money is paid, I will return all the capital of £100,000 plus a further £20,000. To boot, there is no risk, I will guarantee your money back.

At this stage it is a mere Thought Experiment but how real it becomes depends on the interest. I would need exactly 1,200 subscribers into my scheme who would each pledge to pay the £100,000 at a time of my choosing. As I have said, exactly one week from the call on the cash, I will return £120,000 - tax free.

How can I do it? Well that's the genius behind any plan. I won't tell you.

I could offer subscriptions in my idea but that would cost everyone who wanted to buy a share in the idea, exactly £1,000 but that would be on a normal share risk basis. In this instance, the idea is worth nothing, the execution is worth everything.

So to be clear, 1) I have a scheme which people can invest £100,000 into and I will guarantee them a 20% return in one week, tax free, and 2) the idea behind the plan has a share subscription where each share is worth £1,000 and these can be bought into under a normal risk-reward basis of any investment - there will be 1,000,000 shares on offer.

In neither instance am I obliged to tell you how the scheme works nor its plan.

Anybody interested in principle? Go to to register. This is not a scam, it's a bit of fun.

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