Wednesday, 14 October 2009

It's Payback Time

If Silvio Berlusconi 'fingered' you for a particular role, I should think most of us would feel distinctly uncomfortable and start looking over their shoulder.

As David Mills has found out, there can be a high price for helping him out even if the initial rewards are good. So I wonder how Tony Blair must be feeling now, having just been endorsed by the Italian PM as the 'ideal' candidate for the new role enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty of EU Presidency. Currently, Mr. Blair is busy squeezing being a Middle East Envoy in between earning an estimated £12m since leaving office in 2007 in various other roles as writer, public speaker, non-executive director and adviser on globalisation to people willing to pay £2m a year for his wisdom.

Only the ratification of the Czech Republic stands in the way of the appointment which Berlusconi wants confirmed as soon as is 'legally' possible. The word 'legal' must send a shiver down his spine for the man who describes himself as, 'The most persecuted man in the world'. There are no suggestions of favours being called in although those with good memories will remember that the Blairs have enjoyed multiple free holidays at various Berlusconi properties in Tuscany and Sardinia. But as Tony's good friend, Peter Mandelson, knows there are always such things as free lunches and holidays on £80m yachts and the like. Just tell the public that you discussed the weather and they will believe you.

My memories are of Berlusconi smiling and greeting with a bandanna as his hair was busy being transplanted and dyed while dreaming of nubile young girls. It is as good as endorsement as Blair will get as Sarkozy and Merkel are rumoured to have not endorsed him while he is unlikely to get it from Chairman Brown.

Where's George W Bush when you need him?

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