Saturday, 24 October 2009

It Runs In The Family

Prince Phillip is famous for engaging his mouth before his brain; Prince Charles has a habit of talking to flowers but generally the Royal Family try to avoid commenting on things that happen in the real world.
That's because they are apt to put their foot in it.

It's only right that they have their say. After all, they are only the Constitutional heads of the country and they consume tax like any other wasteful public body, so why shouldn't they weigh in and leap to the aid of their friends in rich circles?

Prince Andrew is a Falklands war hero and all round good egg. He seems the most unlikely of the family to suddenly lose his marbles and speak out on an issue that patently rankles everyone who is not a banker in Britain. It is a sad demise for our hero Prince as he has lost a bit of his street cred by suggesting not only that we should not demonise bankers but that their vast bonuses are 'minute in the scheme of things'. I suppose a person who personally banks at Coutts & Co might say that.

He should learn from his elder brother, Charles. He has found that by speaking to plants you can say what you like as at least they don't answer back.

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