Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Is Lembit Too Cheeky For His Own Good?

It goes on and on. This time it's only about £40 but it's the sense of moral bankruptcy that galls us.

Lembit Opik is a pillock - and I am qualified in part, as a Welshman, to say this. I heard him ranting today on the radio when questioned over his expenses, where he claimed for an overdue council tax fine of £40. He claimed that it had been a bad time, due to the unfortunate death of his brother and so other things were on his mind. For all of us who have faced and endured family bereavement, I can sympathise as it is not unusual to forget things.

Lembit, though, did not forget to claim for his overdue bill, despite the sad circumstances - he made sure he put a claim in for it.

When challenged on this, he did not offer any contrition. In fact, he started a long-winded assault that The Speaker would have been proud of on the Daily Telegraph, insisting they had 'lost the moral authority' by paying for the 'stolen' information.

What an idiot.

In a later episode on the radio, 4 MPs from a cross section of parties, while giving a very good opinion on the whole scandal and the current electorate feeling, still held back from giving their support to the No Confidence motion on The Speaker after he lost all sense of reality recently. It shows, that while everyone is full of indignation and soundbites, they do not support the idea of one of their own being fired for their stupidity. After all it could happen to them at any time.

It still sums up the situation. Lots of fat cats grandstanding to give back their dodgy claims with the vain hope that the public will think they are saints for doing so. If it were that simple for criminals when caught, I am sure they would do the same. The law does not afford them such a lenient opportunity.

Politics has always been a murky game but we have only scraped the surface. MEPs, Assembly Members, Councillors and EU Commissioners plus the retinue of mandarins and apparatchiks, we are only seeing the surface of a deep, deep trough at which there are many feeding heavily at our expense.

For all those who lack the moral integrity to see what is going on and why the country is not appalled at the Telegraph but thanks it for boldly showing what all these goons are up to, they should resign and get lost. If they do not even have the integrity for that, sack them. Opik, Martin and Hogg would top my list.

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