Thursday, 21 May 2009

MPs Are Off To The Funny Farm

Wow, if you want the perspective of an MP who simply has lost his marbles listen to the link to Anthony Steen's interview on the radio - he is Conservative PM for Totnes who has some massive house and claimed around £87,000 for basically trees and the upkeep of his garden.

On the one hand I find it hilarious but on the other it epitomises all the terrible things we have heard over two weeks of relentless revelations about MP expenses. In standing down, due to the anger of his constituents, who he accuses of 'jealousy' of his large house, he argues that he was a victim of a 'kangaroo court' and that he blamed it on the Government for signing up to the Freedom of Information Act as otherwise he would have been 'cleverer' and more prepared.

You can blame the Government for a lot of things but that is at least one thing they got right and if it means the demise of snooty prats like him, so much the better.

It makes you wonder how on earth he was voted into being an MP either by his local party members or the constituents. They must have been as mad as he was to have done so. It's what politics has become - you get the 'Tory Franchise' and you get the vote depending on your constituency. We used to see in my local area of Neath in South Wales that the local Labour Party could have put up a stuffed sheep and it would have been voted in. Close enough, we got Peter Hain.

It about sums up the whole situation - Steen is like Hazel Blears, the Speaker and the rest of them rotten to the core - they just have no clue that we have full rights to see what he calls 'his private information' as we are paying for it.

The gravy train is not yet over - not until it is somehow beaten out of their thick heads - it's our money and they are answerable to us.
The party is over, democracy 1.0 is dead and there is no upgrade. A whole new program is required preceded by a complete reformat of the disk. Hopefully there is a new manufacturer involved too.

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