Saturday, 9 May 2009

Is This A Country Fit For Heroes?

It is difficult to get rid of the feeling of oozing slime and filth at the moment as we see our public figures dipping their snouts into the troughs. It is hard also to stomach the incredible wealth that has been made and squandered in a time when greed is good and must be preserved. It has hard to accept that billionaires have somehow the right to avoid tax. It is hard to fathom how crime even includes kids killing one another.

Is this country worthy of the heroes who fight for our freedom? When you match that to all the above, you have to question it.

I read the story of Major Phil Packer who represents the spirit of the Armed Forces who put their lives at risk for us, though the reasons may be hazy. He was horribly injured in the aftermath of a rocket attack in Basra and was told he would never walk again. This weekend he completes the London Marathon. His story is an inspiration of pure will over the impossible. It is for heroes like he who this country should be for.

During his epic walk he is raising money for 'Help for Heroes', a charity set up to help all those injured in the line of duty. There are many more who are beyond help and have left irreplaceable holes in their families.

The conniving weasels at the top of our political tree who focus more on concocting their expense sheets or lining their pockets from books and banks while on pious 'Faith Tours' ought to stop and think. Their mandates have caused the terrible loss of lives and injuries to our servicemen and this is the country they return to.

It took a comic actress to get half an iota of decency into the House of Commons on behalf of 1,500 ex-servicemen of the Gurkha Regiment and get them the right to live in the country they fought for. Why do we constantly forget about the people who would fight, die and get injured for us for the sake of some money when we are happy to pay billions to save the skins of people we despise?

That is not a country fit for heroes.

Major Phil Packer's target is to raise £1,000,000 for the fund and he has already raised £624,000. He finishes this weekend, please give a donation at his Just Giving site. It's the most worthiest cause of all. And if you are at all feeling down, just read about him and listen to him talk. Your problems will soon be put into perspective.

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