Sunday, 1 November 2009

Anthony Holmes - Management Idiot?

According to his biography in today's Sunday Times Appointments Section on page 6, Anthony Holmes describes himself as an international corporate turnaround specialist and transitional leadership expert. Sounds good.

His article is about the Postal Strike and situation at the Royal Mail asserts how a leader is required and not a manager. It is his opinion that Winston Churchill would be the ideal man for the job to solve the current stand off between Union and management as his wartime 'quintessential leadership' would help take the situation by the scruff of its neck.

Anthony Holmes is no doubt an intelligent man but Churchill, while indisputably a fantastic wartime leader who led Britain to survival and victory at our direst hour, had previous form when it came to strikes.

Churchill solved the General Strike by sending in troops - an action that arguably strengthened the resolve of workers and unions in Britain for the best part of 90 years. His actions were despised so greatly that someone as mild as my grandmother could not speak his name without invoking the dire days of his methods to solve the strikes which profoundly affected the people in South Wales in particular. It even tarnished his undoubted genius of wartime leadership in her humble eyes.

If Holmes had bothered to look into Churchill's past, he would have realised that Churchill would have had only one method of solving the stand off - to send in troops to break the strike and force the workers to accept whatever their fate was deemed to be by a truly incompetent and overpaid management. What a super idea that would be.

Perhaps those employing Mr. Holmes for his specialism and expertise aren't actually too worried about his experience, qualifications, knowledge of his subject or historical characters. Like Ron Sandler, his price is reassuringly expensive enough to not ask questions.

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