Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bonus For The Desk Jockeys

The rasping attacks by former heads of the Services are still ringing in their ears but the Government still seems hell-bent on lurching from one dumb scandal to the next.

Hardly has the dust settled on the stupidity of not allowing the TAs to train properly in order to save £20m, we find that the faceless civil servants behind the desks in the MoD have shared in £47m of bonuses. We hear of project overruns, inflated prices for contracts, kit gone missing, not enough protective armour or troops and transport, whole regiments being disbanded, training without live ammunition - we hear of over 90 heroes dying this year alone and hundreds injured - and who gets the plaudits for an 'excellent job'?

It makes you absolutely sick - Alan Johnson, the would be PM and his inadequate henchman, Bob Ainsworth, plus the PM are a shocking disgrace.

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