Thursday, 19 November 2009

Election or Groundhog Day?

Having presided over the build up to worst financial disaster since the Great Depression and sent Britain to fight at least one war of dubious legality, Tony Blair may well be elected today as the inaugural President of the EU.

Like a day out of the film Groundhog Day, we will have the simpering, patronising smile back and all that self importance to go rubbing shoulders with the other world leaders he so craves the attention of. His supporter, David Milliband, believes that Blair would have a that wowability and his motorcade would stop people in the street as he swept past. As he stepped into the White House, I dare say Barack Obama would say 'Tony who?'.

Since his passing of the baton of power to Gordon Brown which was more like passing a fizzing bomb packed with horse manure, Mr. Blair has been busy lining his pocket with book advances, after dinner speaking, non executive directorships and his Faith Tour in which he no doubt tells us that God supported his decision to send troops to Iraq even though he barefaced lied to the British people about the reasons why he did that. In the process, Blair has amassed a £12m fortune while sparing little time to devote to his Middle East Envoy task.

Far from being Groundhog Day, this could be Nightmare on Elm Street as Blair returns like Freddie Kruger to haunt us.

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