Monday, 2 November 2009

Fighting For Democracy

Gordon Brown was one of the first to congratulate Hamid Karzai for his 'walkover' win of a second term as President of Afghanistan as the only candidate withdrew, knowing he endangered the lives of his threatened citizens if he continued.

I am sure there will be celebrations at Barracks all over the country to see this great piece of democracy that so many brave people have died for.

It's not worth writing any more on the subject but the whole election was a fiasco and rigged - now we have the culprit back in power to run the corrupt regime again.

As we learn of the death of another brave British soldier killed on the last day of his tour of duty by a roadside bomb he was defusing, it was predictable and cynical that our PM phoned his congratulations to Karzai than call the wife of Olaf Smit to console her.

We are all very proud of men like Olaf and all those who have died or been injured in the line of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq - today was a body blow to their fight for us, on top of the controversy about whether they are adequately supported in terms of kit, transport and reservists.

Bring them home, now.

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