Friday, 20 November 2009

'I'm Micky Mouse, You Know Where To Find Me'

'I'm Micky Mouse, you know where to find me,' is allegedly what Mr. Mouse said after damaging another motorist's parked car in a street in Dulwich last July.

It was further alleged that not only did Mr. Mouse leave the scene of the accident without leaving details like his address or contact details, but that he also was using his mobile phone when the accident occurred, which is an offence. Mr. Mouse vigorously denies using his mobile phone while driving and insists it was simply someone mistaking his white gloves against the background of his large ears.

A spokesman for insurance company, Aviva, a Mr. Bruce-Alice Cooper-Willis, said, 'Mr. Mouse really needed to have left his details with the unfortunate person whose car he had damaged. After all, just because he is a famous rodent it is not incumbent on the person to recognise him - he could be pretending to be Micky Mouse but was actually Roland or Reckless Rat or even Stuart Little, how would our client know? My client may have been a foreigner visiting or an illegal immigrant who may not know that Mr. Mouse works at Disneyland. Besides, Mr. Mouse's employer might have objected to handing out Mr. Mouse's private address which is of course required to pursue the insurance claim.'

Some have described Mr. Mouse's actions as arrogant and full of his own self- importance, some say it was flaunting the very laws he helps make. When asked what he had for Christmas, Mr. Mouse replied, 'A Harriet Harman watch.'

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